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In our Sanctuary World Horse Mist Sanctuary is a Not For Profit sanctuary.
We are based on the side of Clee Hill in the beautiful South Shropshire countryside.
We believe that all horses, ponies have the right to live the best and most enjoyable life that they can.
Horse Mist offers a new home to horses who can for whatever reasons, no longer be cared for by their existing owners.
The sanctuary is run by Bob a former mounted police officer.
He served in this role for many years and has overall, over 40+ years of experience with Military, Police and civilian horses.
The whole emphasis of Horse Mist is the well being and happiness of the horses that both live and, are trained there.
Bob prefers to train and handle horses on the basis of making it enjoyable for the horse and, rider.
Some of the horses that come to us have had bad experiences in their previous environments, and need extra care and rehabilitation.
It must never be a chore for the horse only fun.
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