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Horse Mist Horse Sanctuary – Where Horses Find New Life

Welcome To Horse Mist Horse Sanctuary – Where Horses Find New Life

dina one of our resident horses at the sanctuary
maisie has an itch to scratch

We are a Not For Profit Horse Sanctuary.

dina and maisie two of our sanctuary horses
We would like to welcome you to Horse Mist Horse Sanctuary. The sanctuary offers a haven to any horse that needs it.
Our aim is to give horses a better life than they may have had.
Horses are often dumped on other peoples land for many unknown reasons.
Many people do not know how to care for horses. When they find them on their land they come to sanctuaries like us for help.
The approach at Horse Mist Horse Sanctuary is to treat the full welfare of the horse.
Many horses come to horse sanctuaries with terrible physical injuries and starvation problems.
A lot of horses also have psychological problems from the conditions in which they live. They need the special attention that they will receive at the horse sanctuary.
Some also have psychological problems stemming from their treatment.
With all the previous in mind, we start work with them at the sanctuary from the moment they arrive.
It’s created around their needs. Including immediate veterinary attention to help the healing process of physical injuries.
All horses are assessed on arrival at the sanctuary and are then triaged. A treatment programme is created where applicable.
The circumstances of a horse owner may change for many reasons. Once this happens the owner may need our services to rehome their horse. This can either be with us or, with another forever loving home.
If you need our help then please contact us. If you know of any horse that may need our help please contact us.

The Sanctuary

Our excellent care is a aimed at trying to educate people everywhere about horse welfare.

This is based on the experiences and ongoing discoveries of vets, farriers, nutritionists, grooms, academic researchers and global programmes teams.


Rescue and Re-homing

At Horse Mist Horse Sanctuary our rescue operations try to save horses suffering from neglect, abuse and abandonment. Our volunteers are committed to helping horses in need across the UK.

Providing a haven in our sanctuary  is a last resort as we know that horses thrive & survive best in caring and loving homes.

We are currently looking at expanding our operations to include the following:

A Schools Education Programme

With on-site educational visits, outreach work and the provision of free curriculum-linked educational resources. We aim to raise the status of horses in the eyes and hearts of school children throughout our area.

By providing child-relevant and up-to-date information and learning experiences. We aim to transform the perceptions and attitudes of school children with regard to the welfare and care needs of horses.

Along with highlighting the importance and positive impact of horses in the lives of the people who use them for both work and pleasure.

Horse-Assisted Therapy

This type of therapy is considered by both educational and, counselling professionals as a cutting edge human development module.

Our Horse-Assisted Therapy programme hopes to benefit the wider communities around our sanctuary. We can help vulnerable children and adults learn from their physical and emotional experience of horses. 

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