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Helpful Ways To Support Us

Your Support Means We Can Support Them

Helpful Ways To Support Us

Helpful ways to support us one of the horses helped by bob

There are many Helpful Ways To Support Us.

Without your kindness and generosity, people such as yourself, Horse Mist NFP simply would not be able to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the number of horses & ponies it sees through the gates each year.

Although we are a new sanctuary Horse Mist has no shortage of requests for sanctuary. To ensure the best life for equines in need it is our aim to create a future where no horse or, pony is denied the fundamental rights of animal welfare. We believe that every equine should have the right to a suitable environment in which to reside. A suitable diet, the freedom to exhibit natural behaviour, and to be protected from pain, suffering, injury or disease.

Some of the horses we rescue arrive at Horse Mist having never experienced a single act of kindness or compassion. Yet despite the hardships they have faced they are still able to demonstrate love and gratitude towards us.

Your kind generosity allows us to continue protecting these gentle animals from a life of abuse and neglect. To provide them with the ongoing love & respect that they deserve.

We Can Do This With Your help

Horse Mist is almost entirely funded by voluntary donations. from generous people like you who support us.

Without the public’s generosity it would be impossible for us to provide shelter, food and veterinary care to the vulnerable horses on site and the many more waiting for our help.

By thinking of us, you are enabling a light of hope to shine for these horses in need.

Just like you, we care about protecting all horses from cruelty and want to encourage exemplary-class standards of welfare to all horse owners.

We see first-hand the transformation that good veterinary care, a healthy diet and a safe environment can make on a horse. We are lucky enough to witness how public donations make this possible in help to support us.

Your gift will ensure we can turn this possibility into a surety for the foreseeable future.

We thank you for making possible the ongoing care and support for the many equines in the country.

Helpful ways to support us horse mist horse images asking for support
The Awesome Forests Fun in the Sun foot spa treatment

This is little Forest. Because of the conditions in which he was found some 2 years ago, his feet were badly deformed and overgrown.

It has taken this long to get his feet to almost normal condition by a team of people including vets, farriers and volunteers etc.

Things like this take time to fix, there is no quick solution to a lot of problems like this but with dedication good results are achievable.

Here you can see Forest having a foot spa in a salt water bath to help with infection and to harden his frogs.

Make a Donation

Helpful ways to support us.

The vital animal welfare work at Horse Mist is funded mostly by donations from the public.

People like you whose generosity gives us the support that enables us to rescue horses and ponies from a life of neglect and suffering and give them a safe, secure and loving future.

There are several ways that you can make your donation, but whichever way you choose and however much you give, you will make a difference to a horse or pony that needs you. 

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