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A Brilliant Glowing Day at the Sanctuary

A Brilliant Glowing Day at the Sanctuary

A Brilliant Glowing Day at the Sanctuary

It’s certainly a Brilliant Glowing Day at the Sanctuary today. The sunny morning is glorious and, the horses are content tucking into breakfast.

The view across the valley this morning is fantastic. You can see Ludlow between the trees with St Laurence’s church tower rising from the valley floor.

Saracen was eager to get down into the big field after breakfast having spent the night in his stable. He was unaware of my arrival this morning and awoke with a start as I went past his stable. I was soon forgiven. He came out to say hello and to tell me he was ready for his breakfast.

All the others were eager to join him there after their hay as well, and on such a brilliant glowing day at the sanctuary. Dina (our resident shire). Had to think about it for a minute or two before deciding to head off and join the others.

With the arrival of the good weather now the grass will start growing in earnest. The horses need this after what is one of the wettest winters in recorded history.

Because this weather is kicking off the drying process big time, we can get the clear up operations going. We can spruce the place up a bit and get things looking tidier again.


In a couple of weeks we can close off the ménage again. We can then feed any supplementary hay in the big field. Doing this will enable us to start the repairs on the ménage and its surface. It also means that we can start the ground repairs as well.

There are many horses out there who need sanctuary from bad lives. If you know of any that do please feel free to contact us. We can then help in whatever way we can.

the morning view across the valley to Ludlow
saracen heading down into the big field for a day in the sun
dina pondering whether to go down into the field or not

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