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No Real Let Up -

Unfortunately it seems as though the rain just keeps on coming. We’ve had four continuous months now of rain with no let up in sight.

Even on the days when it doesn’t rain there has been no real opportunity for the ground to drain and dry at the sanctuary.

We are not alone with this situation, it is the same across the country and has been at the point where there is no where for the water on the ground to go so, it just sits and accumulates.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that it comes to and end soon as we are heading in the right direction for Spring.

The watchword for the last few months at the sanctuary has been ‘Mud Fever’. There have been many cases this year due to the amount of standing water etc.

If your horse is prone to mud fever, prevention is far better then cure.

Before the wet season takes hold, trim your horses feathers and use either petroleum jelly or, a good udder cream as a barrier. Wash down and re-apply about once a week. This will give your horse a good start in the season and will hopefully be enough to prevent any breakdown and infection.

If your horse is already suffering from mud fever, use this procedure to start the healing process and to help with any scabbing that may already be in place. If your horse is suffering from swollen legs due to an infection, seek veterinary advice immediately, your horse may require anti-biotics to bring the infection under control.

If you would like any  more advice on this please feel free to contact us.

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