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Sanctuary repairs underway around the menage area

Sanctuary Repairs Underway

Sanctuary repairs underway

We have been able to get the Sanctuary repairs underway. Thanks to your kind donations either directly, or through our weekly lottery, we now have the funds necessary.

Like everything these days the cost of wood has increased phenomenally. Being able to afford all the wood that we need for the sanctuary repairs along with day to day costs is quite a task.

Last winter saw the wettest on record with 5 months of solid rain. This caused a massive amount of damage not just to the older wooden posts, but also to the ground itself.

As a result of being based on the side of a hill the water caused a lot of soil erosion. This, in turn caused posts to uproot and be washed away.

We are now replacing posts and rails, rebuilding the menage surround and getting ready for the coming winter months.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we do not have a repetition of last years weather, now that the Sanctuary repairs underway, but feel more confident this year if that is the case.

We would like to say a Big Thank YOU to all of you who have donated. We fully appreciate that this year has been a massive trial for all concerned give the pandemic situation. Because of your kind donations sanctuary repairs are well underway.

We’ve have had several contacts during this year from people looking to rehome horses to us. As a result of which, we have been able to resolve them in that, they found new loving homes.

Sanctuary repairs underway around the sanctuary

Looking forward to next year, we are hoping like most people that things generally improve for everyone. As a result of which we can all get out and about more.

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