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Hello Angel and Harry. They have arrived at the sanctuary

Hello Angel and Harry

Hello Angel and Harry

This week we say a big Hello Angel and Harry, two new arrivals to join the gang.

They arrived with us on Wednesday afternoon having traveled from mid Wales to be with us.

Angel, the dinky one, is a 9 year old mare and has plenty of character about her. She can be very feisty when she needs to be, but otherwise has a very sweet temperament.

Harry is an 18 year old gelding and both have lived in the same home, and together since they were youngsters.

Thankfully the weather here this week is wonderful, a total contrast to when Capa & Whizz arrived earlier in the year.

Both wanted out into the field the following day. As you can see in the video, they introduced themselves to the rest of the gang.

Welcome guys, we hope you enjoy your time with us.

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