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Basic £1 Per Month Donation Club

Basic £1 Per Month Donation Club.-

Our Basic £1 Per Month Donation Club, is a great way that you can support us. For the cost of less than one cup of coffee per month. You can make a huge difference to our lives.

My name is Saracen, and I would like you to join our club.

Basic £1 Per Month Donation Club with Saracen

I live in the sanctuary, and have come to live out the rest of my days. I will hopefully be here for sometime to come yet. I still think I’m only 10 yrs old…

I am 31 years old (approx 110 yrs in Human terms) and very happy to be here with Bob and the gang. At the moment I am the eldest one here, but Whizz is running a close second at 27 yrs old.

We are well cared for and very happy. We are kept well fed with a nice big field to graze on and run around in when the mood takes us.

We do need your help though please to stay that way. Unfortunately just like everything else, the cost of feed and hay is constantly rising. (We happily accept donations of hay if you should have any spare?).

Could you spare, just £1 per month to help to keep the sanctuary, (our home) going? It all goes to keeping us healthy and fit. We use it for feed, hay, veterinary care, farrier costs and repairs and maintenance.

It’s amazing how far your £1 per month will go in keeping us fed and cared for here.

We will, if you’d like, send you a monthly news letter and keep you informed about us all. And let you know how our lives are improving thanks to Bob and the team.

Press the button now please to donate just £1 per month.

Thank you so much – Saracen

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